Granite or Quartz

What is Granite?

Granite is an igneous rock composed mainly of minerals such as quartzite and feldspar. Minor amounts of other minerals such as mica will give it a sparkly appearance.

Other stones such as gneiss or schist are confused with granite but are not as hard. In geological terms, they are categorized as a metamorphic stone. Many popular stones such as Magma, Sedna, and Orion fall into this category.

What is Engineered Quartz?

Engineered Quartz counters are created through a manufacturing process that combines approximately 93% ground natural quartz with polymer resins, colors, and sometimes recycled materials. The result is a super-hard, low maintenance countertop available in an array of colors.

Should I use Granite or Quartz on my counters?

Whether to use granite or quartz on your counters is mainly an ascetic choice since both products are highly durable countertop materials. Two main differences exist:

Sealing: We seal all Granite counters prior to installation which makes on-going maintenance relatively easy. Quartz counters never require any sealing due to the engineering process.

Heat Resistance: Granite counters will withstand extreme heat encountered in kitchen. Hot dishes, crock pots, and cookie sheets are not a problem for granite. Quartz counters are heat resistant but cannot withstand direct heat from cookware, griddles, or ovenware.