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Natural Stone Vancouver Washington

New Improvements To Our Facility.

2015 has brought some exciting new changes and improvements to our facility here at American Marble and Granite, where we stock a large selection of natural stone and quartz!

We’ve purchased a new CNC fabrication center and installed a new overhead crane system in the shop. At American Marble, we’ve always felt that investing deeper into the company when we are able is the most positive thing we can do. Over a decade ago, we made some aggressive investments in technology. We acquired an Italian CNC fabrication center, innovative vacuum lifting systems, an ultra-high-pressure precision waterjet cutting system, and a highly accurate digital templating system. Now, all these years later, it’s easy to look back and see how much better of a company those improvements have made us. It’s taught us that most things can be accomplished through determination, hard work, and continuing to educate ourselves in our craft as we explore new possibilities within our trade.

With all that said, we felt it was time to make further upgrades and improvements to the facility. Firstly, we are proud to introduce our brand spanking new Northwood Industries CNC fabrication center.

Fabrication Center Vancouver WA

Our New Northwood Fabrication Center

This brilliant machine is fast, incredibly accurate, and it’s massive footprint allows many pieces to be worked on simultaneously. As a bonus to the powerful CNC spindle, the Northwood also has an independent digital saw built on to the same machine. This saw is super-fast and holds very tight cutting tolerances.

CNC Machine Vancouver WA

Northwood CNC And Digital Saw Heads

In addition to the Northwood, we’ve added a new overhead crane system that services the entire shop. This has drastically improved material handling as well as increased safety for our staff.

Overhead Crane Vancouver WA

Our New Overhead Crane

The crane is rated for 4000 lbs lifting capability and has two independent bridges. Also, a new second installation van was purchased to accommodate multiple installs on the same day. These new additions to our facility have helped us improve performance and increase our quality even higher than it already was.

Stone Fabricator Shop Vancouver

A view Of Our Shop With The New Improvements

Stay tuned for our upcoming 2016 improvements.  Some of which are already in the works, including a giant tent for all of our outdoor stock. This will keep you protected from both wind and rain as well as the hot sun while browsing through our impressive selection of slabs. Here at AMG, we are proud to continue to improve our facilities and give our staff all of the latest tools and technology not only to continue producing the most beautiful countertops in the Portland Metro area but also to become even better. Come in and see our cutting edge facility. We’ll be happy to give you a tour and show you all of our new improvements.

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New Improvements To Our Facility.

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